A brief history of the C.O.P., made by Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great.

40,000 years ago: The COP is founded as an actual coalition of planets, each planet answering to a head system, like Thyrenda or Vogelia, and those head systems answering to a high council on Tarsis. Beset on all side by vicious, barbaric states, the Great Crusades begin. It's slow and brutal, but over the centuries, the young and scattered Coalition gains ground.

39,000 years ago: The Genesis Operation Decoder (GOD) Machine is created. After it's initial sucess, it becomes the official code relay computer, transmitting to the spread apart COP worlds, via beacons placed in warpspace (where ships go when in slipstream, and breifly for Thyrendi jump drives).

37,000 years ago: It becomes aparent, as the Coalition gained more territory, that word has spread of a new power that is bringing law and justice. Planets start to join faster than they can be conquered, or even sent a garrison. Technology is on the rise.

31,000 years ago: The Great Crusades are now over, a great deal of the galaxy is under Coalition rule. The GOD Machine shuts down for some reason, but is quickly forgotten as new and better things take it's place. The technological golden age of the COP has begun.

28,297 years ago: The COP's computer network crashes for an unknown reason, bringing down with it the commucations arrays in warpspace, effectively isolating every Coalition world. As you can imagine, all h311 breaks loose as people realize they are alone. Civil wars start when it becomes clear COP officials no longer have the power to summon down the hammer of the Coalition on would-be rebels.

27,000 years ago: On Tarsis, one warlord manages to best all the other warlords, and names himself emperor. He sets about rebuilding the shattered capitol world, and sends out ships to see what other planets had been up to during this time. The situation is grim, the same had happened on almost every other world. All that had been gained during the first 12,000 years had been lost. Much to the Emperor's displeasure, many planets no longer wanted to be in the Coalition, or at least didn't have any one leader to speak for them. The slow reconquest began, and the even slower process of finding the warpspace communication beacons began as well. It is theororized the ancestor of the modern W-ship was built for this purpose.

25,000 years ago: The Coalition, under the Emperor of Tarsis, had regained half of it's former territory. The technology that had driven the Great Crusades was mostly lost, things were considerably slower. By the time the COP had reached Thyrenda, the funds nessacary to continued the conquest were gone. Thyrenda, once the center of a large part of the Coalition, was now a frontier world, as were many others.

24,000 years ago: Many of the communication beacons were retrieved and fixed after a long search through warpspace. A good deal of ships were lost under mysterious circumstances, suggesting warpspace wasn't as safe as once thought, or at least, long stays in warpspace weren't as safe as once though.

20,000 years ago: Civil war breaks out on a massive scale as an Emperor dies with no succesor. The warpspace commucation beacons, the most advanced remaining techonology in use by the the Coalition, become a fought-over commodity by the factions vying for control of the throne.

19,948 years ago: One faction comes out dominant, and begins the long process of conquering the opposers. Once more, the COP is set back many years of progress by war. And yet again, ships are sent into warpspace to find lost beacons (Those beacons, when will they ever learn?).

15,000 years ago: A plague decimates many worlds in the Coalition, causing more instability.

13,000 years ago: An outside power, one of those the Coalition was unable to reconquer, sweeps through the COP, causing a path of destruction. Tarsis itself is sacked. Morale is very low. The invasion is followed by an economic collapse. Whatever morale was left in the COP, it was gone now.

12,000 years ago: A rebellion forms near the core of the galaxy, the systems succesfully split off and go isolationist.

10,000 years ago: The Emperor decides something needs to be done. Through a slow process, he forges the Coalition into an empire made for survival, presenting himself as the servant of the people. It works. Swiftly, things turn around, seemingly. Over the next few generations, the Emperor takes on a more and more venerated role, the people experience more and more hardships as most of the funding goes to the military. To escape the hardships, the military is a good way out (lol cycle). For the first time in a long time, the Coalition was a power to be reckoned with. Since technology is what got them into the mess in the first place (the computer failure has been exagerated over time into a fatal error of all systems), it is decided technological progress is no longer needed.

-not sure what to put here, maybe just a few wars or what not-

50-30 years ago (because I think it's been at least two generations, personally): First contact is made with the UNE. At first, they were thought to be one of the states that was not able to be reconquered, but it became clear they were some new barbarian threat. After the COP get's it's first serious defeat, the UNE becomes a very real threat. The 6th Great Crusade begins, the first one in many thousands of years.

This is under construction please help.

Full credit to Awesome-o-saurud The Not-So-Great for making this.

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