The man known as Aemowes th’Travloer th’Zacynthus (Aemowes, son of Travloer, son of Zacynthus, to translate it from Thyrendi to English. The XVI is dropped from Zacynthus XVI, current King of Thyrenda and it’s Associated Colonies), 3rd in line from the Throne of Zacynthus, was born in the city of Zacynthus, on Thyrenda. He was the son of the King’s brother, making him third in line for the throne. The number three appears often in Aemowes life, as he is third in line for his people’s throne, third in line from ruling the Coalition, and commander of the 3rd Coalition fleet. His Graduation paper from Thyrenda’s highest academy was on the rapid emergence of three monotheistic religions amongst Thyrendi, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, all originating from Earth, third planet from Sol. The House of Zacynthus, Aemowes included, maintain traditional worship of Thyr, the God within the Star. Many Thyrendi do, the new monotheistic beliefs might be spreading fast, but still encompass only a small part of the population. Aemowes started out quite high in the naval academies of Tarsis, already haven proven his tactical prowess fighting barbarian factions from beyond the Coalition’s reach (or care) when he was younger. He quickly earned his way up the ranks, securing the far borders of the COP with great skill and minimal losses. Eventually, he even garnered the Emperor’s attention, earning a seat amongst the highest members of the Coalition. Today, he continues to serve the Coalition, often skipping important meetings with the bureaucracy to rescue some settlement under attack by barbarians from beyond the COP. He not only does this out of love for his people, but because he kind of needs to. King Zacynthus XVI knows Count Travloer II will replace him soon, becoming Zacynthus XVII, and Travloer knows his son, Fleet Lord and plain old Lord Aemowes will replace him soon after that, becoming Zacynthus XVIII. Aemowes knows all this too. That’s why he needs to establish himself as being worthy of leading his people, because the last king that didn’t do that ended up on the bottom of a lake by the hands of Zacynthus I, securing the Zacynthus dynasty that would lead Thyrenda into it’s golden age. Aemowes sees his ultimate task is to continue this great time for his people, not even his loyalty to the Coalition comes near that devotion.