he born on rolox prime, currently grand lord or Shugon in rolloxian of the rolloxian empire, the rolloxian empire is actually many different legions, the rolloxian empire is in total control of the U.R.A, little control in the Coalition, and minor control in the U.A.M. Commands the 33rd fleet, and the rolloxian home fleet.

He was son to father Yunrick Warlock and Mother Orilla Warlock, At the age of 6 Yunrick had taught him the skills of a grown man, able to tackle a 50 year old warrior to the ground with little or no effort, he was educated at Rolloxian education facility #177 and was Known to the educationers as "Natural warrior, would pick a fight with almost everyone" graduated at 18 with best friend Nack Jogonhien. he then entered an apprenticeship with a Rolloxian Warrior known as Zakus Def, the apprenticeship ended at 23 and then joined the Rolloxian defense, against any rebellions, Though at 27, His father was questioned by a high councilor as "Not ready to take the rolloxians to another level, out of date, needs a replacement" The high councilor was banished, but the councilor managed to convince some of his minor councilors to form the AOTF - Armies of the ready Goal: To take the rolloxians to another level. Though Yunrick And his son pulled together legions of loyalists and formed the UPOR United people of Rolox prime, there goal: stop the AOTF and return peace, but now our BMW warlock, Now Grand Lord BMW warlock aged 32 pulled of the unexpected. During major campaigns on the Dixia Continent had discovered the crash site, of an unknown vessel, with technologies years ahead of ours. He immodestly ordered it to be used, and built Kudos descent, once that ship lived up to all expectations, mass production started, with AOTF thought they had surrendered, in fact most of the UPORS money went into the mass production of the new U.R.A fleet, they soon left, weeks later, the constant nuclear explosions that happened during the war had taken its toll on the planet, and fell apart into the Rolox Astroid field.