F.U-S, also known as Fully Upgradeable Sentient, was created as a prototype for a new kind of deadly war machines for the Coalition Of Planets, the original plan was to make it the first in the line of new CF Unit Commanders, but it was too expensive to mass produce.

Construction and TechnologyEdit

The production started on the planet Digondar, and was sponsored by the DCI (Digondarian Combat Industries). It went fine, using the latest technology to make a state-of-the-art movement and thinking power. After exposing his “mind” to different sources of knowledge during production, “he” developed a masculine personality, as well as a fascination of savage races and tribes. After 13 years, the project was finally finished. F.U-S’s combat skills was tested of captive U.N.E troopers, and the project was proven a success. F.U-S was used as a scout and base infiltrator for 2 years more, until he got his first full upgrade. His head and memory was remained untouched, but everything else was changed to newer versions, movement and flexibility improved, processing power improved, and “muscle power” improved. He did also have a battery which he could be in full activity for years without the battery running dry.

Combat and military service Edit

F.U-S’s first mission, a week after testing, was to infiltrate a U.N.E base and retrieve important files about an upcoming attack on one of the major fleets of the C.O.P. The base was located in a jungle, and the same objective was given to a squad of troopers which were to locate another base, and retrieve more of the plans, since it was tactically best for the U.N.E to scatter the files. Another notable mission, one of the reasons for the upgrade, was to take a drop pod, and get into a U.N.E capital ship through an open hangar bay together with a squad of Elite Marines. The mission was barely a success, the ship only gained critical damage, and F.U-S got one of his legs and part of an arm blown off in a blast, during an encounter with a large enemy force. F.U-S was shut down, and evacuated in a dropship to the small cruiser “Spirit Of Fire”, which was to discretely get away from the battle undamaged, with F.U-S safely aboard. Aboard the cruiser, he started to get rebuilt, and after 1 year, he was activated. At the same time, “Spirit Of Fire” was attacked by a larger U.N.E ship, and boarded. F.U-S had his signal damaged because of an enemy transmitter onboard the enemy ship. [Rest of military information currently unavalible]

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