Or great sybol to lead us.

The Coalition of Planets is not an actual Coalition. Back in the days before the Great Crusades, it might have been, but that time is now gone. This is an Empire now, spanning an entire fourth of the Galaxy, unstopped, and all-powerful. A time of peace was upon the galaxy, but not for long… For soon enough, we came across a planet called ‘Earth’, YQP-3 by our charting system. At first, we bypassed it, only primitive ape creatures about to destroy each other with basic nuclear weapons. This was our greatest mistake. Within a few hundred years, these barbaric creatures were spreading their filth across our galaxy. The great battle fleets of the COP waged war against these pathetic things, but they would not die. So began the largest war since the Great Crusades. Now, by joining the Coalition of Planets, you pledge yourself, your people, and your machines to the extermination of the United Nations of Earth, to restore our domination of the galaxy.