The burning of the red star was committed by the UNE after the great battle fought on Malado Alpha, as an attempt to scare the Rolloxians away so they could focus the war resources on the war with the COP the UNE tapped into the Rolloxian Holovision network and burnt one of the sacred red stars before every single member of the Rolloxian kind. This sparked the beginning of the start of major full scale wars fought between the Rolloxian Empire and the United Nations Of Earth outside of the Coalition.

"The red star burns before our eyes, yes it does. But the red star is only a terminal of the spirit we all share, the source of our spirit comes from God emperor Puriq warlock! this flame will be the first of the flames that will be set alight when we rain flames upon their colonies. Onward to war my fellow warriors!" Emperor BMW warlock the 908th giving his speech shortly before the declaration of war, backed up by the council half of the U.R.A were sent away to invade major colonies of the UNE.

The war rages with heavy losses both sides. Strict rolloxian honour backed up with infuriating anger either the UNE drops out because of heavy losses, or the UNE wipe out the opposing rolloxians one by one